Jun 16, 2014

I wanted to start a learning project. I'm going to play with FPGAs and log my experience here.

I've been meaning to write more but I get stuck trying to come up with something good to write about and don't write at all. I suppose this is because, despite my best efforts to not think this way, I feel that what I write might be judged too critically. But I understand that this is a counter-productive attitude. Instead of trying to come up with great articles (I have several half-finished drafts), this project will give me an opportunity to be just open about how little I know about the subject and just approach it with child-like enthusiasm. I do approach all new things with that attitude and it has worked out great for me, but this time I'll be logging it all here.

Hope my friends join too. That will make it a lot more fun.

Expect no coherence or quality from these posts. You've been warned :-) Email me at learnfpga@kirubakaran.com Let me know if you'd like to receive updates by email.

  1. Introduction - Jun 16, 2014
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